If you are experiencing email problems and not receiving your PIN, please login to My Account and select Order History from the main menu to view orders for the last 6 months. To reach us please call (888)922-7774.
How does your service work?

Smart Phone Cards Pinless Calling is an International and Domestic phone card company that allows you to make calls using the very latest in Telecommunications Technology. With our Technology you can make calls from Home, Cell Phone, Office or from any other phone that is available to you. To activate your Pinless Rechargeable phone card just go to the front page and in the Create New Account section set up your phone and begin to save money. Our service is similar to purchasing a card in a store, however online we can offer you more features. And to really make it simple you can add time to your account online 24/7. Now you no longer have to run out to the corner store to purchase another card. Enjoy our service from the comfort of your home! Please read our instructions below on how to make calls.

Usage Instructions:

From your Home or Office
  1. Dial into our system using our toll free number 1.877.231.7554
  2. For speed and convenience add the toll free access number to your registered phones using your phones speed dial set up.
  3. Listen for your balance, then dial the number you wish to reach.
  4. If that number is one of your registered Speed Dial entries from  (1-9) then select the appropriate number followed by the "#" button.

From your Cell Phone use our Local Access Number
  1. If your Cell Phone number is one of your registered numbers use the Local Access number 954.200.6774 for our lowest rate.
  2. Use your Cell Phone if you have a plan with unlimited nationwide minutes, or if you have unlimited nights and weekend minutes.
  3. Remember that you will be charged air time by your Cellular service provider if you don't have unlimited or free nights and weekend minutes.
  4. If using your Cell Phone DO NOT PRESS SEND after entering your destination number!

To use your phone card from a non-registered phone:

  1. Dial our Toll Free Access Number 1.877.231.7554
  2. When Prompted enter your account number and security code
  3. Listen for your balance, then dial the number you want to reach.

TO MODIFY YOUR ACCOUNT or purchase additional time using RECHARGE ACCOUNT, follow these simple steps!

Login Instructions:
  1. Go to http://www.ppoutlet.com/app/smartpinless/?id=570
  2. Login and modify your account any way you like!
  3. This is where you edit all your information, recharge your account, and view your call records!
  No Connection Fee
Pinless Dialing up to 9 numbers
View call Records Online
No Maintenance fees
Recharge your Account online 24/7
Customer Account Manager
Speed Dial up to 9 numbers
Automatic Recharge available
Recharge by Phone 24/7
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