If you are experiencing email problems and not receiving your PIN, please login to My Account and select Order History from the main menu to view orders for the last 6 months. To reach us please call (888)922-7774.
Pinless Features:

The Smart Phone Pinless Calling Service can be completely managed by you 24/7 through your customer account manager. All of the features below are available for to you add, remove, or change anytime you need.
No Hidden Fees:
Smart Phone Pinless Calling has no fees of any kind. No connection fee, no maintenance fee, no monthly fees and no taxes. If you pay for a minute you get to talk for a minute!
One Minute Rounding:
Calls are calculated based on 1-minute increments. Any fraction of a minute will be rounded upto the next full minute. All rates are deducted from your account balance according to the rates for the country you are calling.
Pin Free Dialing:
Never have to enter a pin number again! Thanks to our ANI Recognition system, every time you call from one of your registered phone numbers, your account is automatically recognized. This feature allows you to make a call without a prompt to enter your pin number. Note: Put our access number in your speed dial and save even more time
Customer Account Manager:
This feature allows you to manage your account online. From the Smart Phone Pinless Calling home page enter your account number and your 4-digit security code and you will have access to all of your account information. You can access this information from anywhere at anytime online. Below are the features you will have access to edit or change.
Register for Pinless Calling:
This feature allows you to register up to 9 phone numbers. You can add your home phone, cell phone, business phone or relatives phones quickly and easily.
Add/Remove Numbers:
This feature allows you to add or remove any registered numbers that you wish.
Change Securtiy Code:
The 4-digit security code is used to log into your customer account manager, recharge your acocunt, and access account information. This feature allows you to change that 4-digit code whenever you wish.
Change Languages: COMING SOON!
This feature allows you to select a language for your voice prompts, receipts and dialing instructions.
Speed Dial Calling:
  Put our access number on your registered phone for quick access. Then you will be able to store upt to 9 of your frequently called numbers online. Each number will be assigned a code number from 1-9. When you want to place a call use speed dial to access our service, and when prompted to enter the number you wish to dial, just ent the code assigned to that number.
Express Checkout:
This feature is for existing customers to add additional time to their account online 24/7. Log into your customer account manager, then go to express checkout. Just select the purchase amount and complete the credit card billing information and time will be added to your account immediately. Note: You must use the same credit card with which you set up your account or your order will be queued in our system and a Smart Phone Cards Representative will call to verify your order.
This feature allows you to add time to your account automatically when your remaining balance drops below $5.00. From your customer account manager go into the Auto-Recharge area and fill our the credit card information ( you must use the same credit card that is on your original account). Select the amount to be added each time and enable Auto-Recharge. By using Auto-Recharge you will never have to worry about running out of time or having to go online to make a purchase.
View Call Records:
Log on to your customer account manager to view your call records and financial history. You will be able to monitor who you called, which registered phone was used, how long you talked, and how much it cost. Since our call rates apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and there are no hidden charges this feature allows you to be in control of how much you spend on calls.
Recall Last Receipt:
This feature allows you to log into your customer account manager and view your last receipt.
  No Connection Fee
Pinless Dialing up to 9 numbers
View call Records Online
No Maintenance fees
Recharge your Account online 24/7
Customer Account Manager
Speed Dial up to 9 numbers
Automatic Recharge available
Recharge by Phone 24/7
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